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Founded in 1959, the Randburg Cricket Club is steeped in tradition and has enjoyed a successful cricketing history. Situated in the heart of Randburg, the club provides a facility for cricketing enthusiasts of all standards, ability and ages. This is a facility that not only welcomes cricket players of all calibres, but is also a family orientated environment. Randburg Cricket Club prides itself on the flow of development from Junior Cricket through to Senior Squad selection. With steady progression through our club structures, Randburg produces players who progress to exhibit their cricketing prowess overseas at both International and County levels.

A good proportion of our players are regularly selected for provincial sides. At senior level the Club currently partakes in 5 levels of Sunday league cricket, 4 levels of Saturday league cricket, and a ladies cricket league. Coaches are well qualified, dedicated and committed to growing players to the highest levels possible. Some of our most talented players are from an underprivileged background and are unable to fund their subscription fees.

In such instances Randburg adopts and supports these players as full members. Their enthusiasm and pride in their club is sufficient payment until such time their circumstances improve. And we hope that the sport will grow and change circumstances of those that need it most. Randburg Cricket Club continually strives towards inclusion and development.